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Writing is one of the greatest ways a person can communicate their ideas, feelings or experiences. As a writer, I don't concern myself with form, style, tense, grammar or genres as much as the words and meaning that can be discerned from the order in which a person places them on the page. I want my writing to be doorways that open lucid paths between ideas, styles, and genres.


I write to evoke thought and express myself honestly. I write to share ideas, aspects of who I am, and explore my experiences as well as cultivate my creativity. The better my ability to understand something, the better my writing. Also, I write about what's important to me. Currently, it seems that everything is important to me. 


Lastly, I self-edit, reflect on my writing and question my ideas and how I express them all in the effort to deliver the highest quality of my writing as I can.

Coming Soon...

Published Thoughts

A series of essays where I express my thoughts and understandings on different topics. There are too many topics to list. I did mention somewhere that "everything is important to me." This is proof.

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