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An intrinsic part of the human condition and experience. Stories told through the oral tradition, honored those that came before us as well as explore our creativity and amaze audiences. With stories we’ve developed culture, traditions, learned history, shared perspectives, taught others, found parallels to our world, explored the future, inspired people to become better than they were before and almost anything else we can think of. Even with the history of it and the scholars who would define and designate what a story is and isn’t, we still need to define things for ourselves. So… we write.

Here are the leads to some of my upcoming stories

Blood Brothers

Story of a father who says he'd do anything for his daughter. Society puts that theory to the test.

We Gamble

Twins are said to have a special connection. Dominique and Damon have a special habit and they may have to find a way to break it before it demolishes their lives.

The Lifers

Lifers don't exist. If you allow anyone to think anything else, you...

A Nights Wonder

“Happiness can never exist without content with struggle.”

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