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Write The Story Your Story Deserves!

I'm a developmental editor and writing coach who helps you fill in the blanks.

What's a Developmental Editor?

A developmental editor focuses on sculpting the fundamental pillars of your work. Narrative style, plot, characters, theme, and structure.


Do you aspire to craft a literary masterpiece, a compelling narrative, or an informative text?

Imagine having a collaborative guide that helps you:

Navigate the unique expectations and conventions of your chosen genre.

Create the blueprint your story can be built from. Every story needs structure!

Craft characters that resonate with your readers and propel your story.

Amplify your theme! Make sure your message is conveyed the way you need.

Choose an effective point of view for an immersive reader experience.

Meet & exceed readers expectations! Don't just blend in, rise above the standard. Leave a legacy!


Damien Will

Tailor Strategies for Your Needs

No two writers or stories are the same, and that's why I take time to understand the vision you have for your story, your writing, and yourself. I work with you to craft personalized strategies to get you exactly where you want to be.

Develop Action Plans

It's a little known secret, but action plans for writing projects are how we get you from idea to manuscript! I'll be with you every step of the way. Are you ready to commit to something that can make your writing goal a reality?

Hold You Accountable

After organizing your ideas and developing the action plan, it's time to execute! We will meet weekly to discuss progress and keep you on track. Accountability is one of the reasons most writers start but never finish!


Lauren M. Ph.D


I truly enjoy our conversations on a personal and professional level! Your book was a highlight of my summer reads. Your writing advice has been critical to my manuscript. I'm looking forward to our next check in!

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