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Educator. Writing Coach. Editor.

Author of Learning To Quote Myself

“I help writers become authors!”

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Damien Tillman’s debut book, Learning to Quote Myself, is a meticulously written, deeply personal collection of poems. Each poem is a uniquely thought-provoking revelation. While describing his coming-of-age journey, Tillman discovers his voice and ultimately learns the power of quoting wisdom and knowledge, especially his own. I believe Learning to Quote Myself by Damien Tillman entertains as well as educates. For a man of few words, Tillman’s poetry speaks volumes.

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Need help with self editing? Want a character profile worksheet? Confused about how to outline your plot? Don’t let what you don’t know stop you from achieving your goals! Click the link below.

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About Damien Tillman, M. Ed

Damien is a passionate educator, writer, program director and youth development professional with over 15 years of experience. Damien gained a reputation for his divergent thought process, leadership skills, and communication strategies that allow him to build strong relationships and networks. He believes through sincere support systems we can change lives and life trajectories! Damien is the author of Learning To Quote Myself and The Youth Mentoring Blueprint. He’s also created various resources for writers including his Remove to Improve Editing Guide Series! He's a well respected poet, writing coach, and developmental editor who employs proven educational strategies to support mastering the skills needed to craft quality stories. As the founder of Divergent Thinkers LLC, Damien is committed to building a writing academy that offers the coaching, resources, and community that writers need to thrive. Damien served as a Program Director for Circle of Greatness LLC, guiding entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses through digital product development, High Ticket sales, and digital marketing. Damien is a highly sought-after consultant and public speaker who regularly speaks at events, sharing his experiences and insights with audiences of all sizes. Damien holds degrees from Hunter College and The City College of New York, and he continues to pursue his passion for lifelong learning through various events, programs, and conferences. In his free time, Damien enjoys playing basketball, writing, and reading manga.

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