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*This is the Ebook Version


Damien Tillman suffers from curiosity. He's spent the majority of his life trying to understand everything. His debut poetry book, Learning To Quote Myself, explores his journey to understanding.  He also admits that understanding everything "is a goal worth failing at forever." He invites us to question what we think we know, explores his own bittersweet truths, and reminds us of our own individuality.


Introducing a new poetic style with his "Script Poem" and giving the reader a behind-the-scenes experience with his "Follows", Damien is bringing new and original ideas to the literary world. Damien honestly introduces himself to the reader, in the hopes that each reader grows comfortable enough with him, to honestly introduce themselves back. For a man of few words, Damien's poetry speaks volumes.

Learning To Quote Myself (Ebook)

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